Calander Sublimation Protection


18 g Extra refined cellulose /width in stock 115/165/190 cm

Texpaper offers  this paper as a solution to protect the most demanding productions.It keeps the calender´s  belt cleaner for  a longer time than most of the existing protective papers in the market (belt lasts longer!)
Our lightest paper with the highest protection level!
It is highly recommended for productions with high ink loads (cut pieces in sport  and swimwear)

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K1-20 g

Kraft 1st / width in stock 115/165/190/230 cm

K1-25 g

Kraft 1st / width in stock 260/320 cm

K1-35 g

Kraft 1st / width in stock 165/172/182 cm

100% cellulose, no recycled load and low porosity.
Excellent price-quality relationship for all kinds of low/medium ink sublimation process.

K1F 38 g & KG 38 g

KRAFT 1ª / width in stock 165 and also sheets

Extra quality Kraft paper. The highest protective paper  existing in the market.  It is strongly recommended when using high inks loads in the sublimation process. It does not stain the calender´s belt or the soft surface of the heat press. Because of this, it does not cause defects on the  fabric   and you extend the life of your calender or press.

Perfect for sport


K1S-40 g siliconized

Kraft 1ª / width in stock 165/190 cm

Texpaper offers this paper as a protective solution for those  textiles with plastic or resin lamination that could melt  and stick on the protective paper on its way through the calender.

It is made of a 38 g base paper and one side of the paper has 2 g of silicone.

Particularly,  It is very valued in the printing industry   for shoes and waterproof garments.