protection paperWithin our wide range of protection papers, the C5J 18 stands out!

The C5J18 is a natural white tone paper made of extra refined cellulose. It is only 18 grams per square meter  and it offers a great protection to the calendar’s felt.  Ideal when printing designs with high ink load.

The secret of this paper is its internal structure. Thanks to the extra refined cellulose process the fibres are bound in a way  that the paper pores are reduced to minimum levels. Therefore the gas coming from the sublimation process cannot go through the fibres and consequently the protection paper avoids stains on the felt of the calender.

Lower substance per m2 means:

  • More meters in a roll than a roll with thicker paper with the same weight or same diameter.
  • Reducing the creases or wrinkles caused by thicker papers. In the calender the transfer paper competes against the protection paper in tensile strength and a thinner paper has more adaptability to adjust.

Texpaper offers different roll widths and can also produce customized rolls following customers’ requirements in diameter (length).

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