Specialist in protective paper
for sublimation

we offer top quality papers with the widest range of products worldwide


Over 30 years focused on the textile industry

With the aim of providing solutions to its customers through a wide range of products, Texpaper Service has been supplying paper to the textile industry for more than 30 years. The large portfolio it offers makes it a specialized reference in the sector.

It has a continuous stock to provide immediate service to its customers, as well as the necessary machinery to adapt to their needs. Adapting to a constantly changing market means that the company is constantly searching for new products to improve the changing needs of its customers.biantes de sus clientes.

Texpaper contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility by supplying only paper from controlled production chains and cultivated forests, with all the relevant ecological certificates. Its papers are 100% cellulose pulp. Once used, they can be recycled for other uses.